Our Story

Hello! I'm Katelyn and I co-founded Mix 'N Mats with my hubby. Mix 'N Mats is a small family owned business based in Singapore and it all started when we were searching for the perfect playmat for our little one, Baby K. We wanted a multipurpose mat that is durable and fits the minimalist design of our home multipurpose, durable. Most importantly, the mat had to be safe for babies.

While there are many other mats in the market, we couldn't find the perfect one for our baby. PVC mats were out of the question after we read about how it included harmful stabilising additives. While TPU mats are the safer option, we found design options in the market limited. Hence, we linked up and partnered with a manufacturer for the perfect solution - fully customisable TPU play mats that are safer for babies, durable and eco-friendly!

We are thankful to have received so much love from our Mix 'N Mats community and we would love to have you onboard as well. Let us show you why a Mix 'N Mats mat is the perfect gift for baby's first step!