Product Care Guide


Mix 'N Mats playmats come with velcro straps that you can reuse for storage. Remove all packaging material and keep away from your little ones. 

Unroll the mat in reverse direction and leave it on a flat surface for a few days to release minor creases and flatten. If there are stubborn creases, roll the mat in reverse direction, strap it with the velcro straps, leave it overnight, unroll it the next day in reverse direction and let it settle on its own.

Clean your mat with warm gentle dish detergent that is alcohol-free, water and a soft cloth. Wipe it dry before first use.


Keep your mat clean by wiping it with a soft damp cloth daily. To thoroughly clean the mat or remove any dirt, clean your mat with gentle dish detergent, water and a soft cloth. Wipe it dry or let it dry naturally and always ensure the mat is fully dried before rolling it up and storing it away to prevent any unwanted mould.

To prevent discolouration, weakening or material or damage, avoid direct contact with:
• Strong cleaning agents
• Alcohol or alkaline based products (e.g. baby sprays, certain essential oils)
• Wet wipes or baby wipes that contains fragrance stabilisers for preservation which belongs to alcohol functional groups
• Direct sunlight for prolonged periods
• Sharp objects (e.g. pet claws)
• Extreme heat (e.g. steam cleaning)
• Heavy furniture
• Permanent ink (e.g. pens, markers)
• Items that stains (e.g. coloured drinks, oil based food or liquids)