Frequently Asked Questions


What is the currency displayed on the website?
Singapore Dollars (SGD) is used throughout the website.

How can I make my order and payment?
To make your order, submit the form via the respective product page. Upon confirmation of order, an invoice will be sent to you and payment can be made via ibank / paypal (credit card).


How long will it take for my order to reach me?
As our mats are fully customised, all orders takes 6 to 8 weeks upon order confirmation to be manufactured and delivered. Playtime toys will be delivered within 2 weeks.

What are the options for shipping?
Mix 'N Mats is based in Singapore. Courier shipping in Singapore is complimentary for all Mix 'N Mats playmat orders. There is a one time $4.50 courier fee for playtime orders.


Are the play mats safe for my baby?
Yes, our mats are safe and suitable for babies from newborn stage!

Our play mats are made of sustainable high quality TPU materials that are PVC-, BPA-, toxic-, formaldehyde-, phthalate-, DEHP- and lead-free. They are waterproof, shock absorbent, odourless, hypoallergenic, biodegradable and have been tested to be compliant with European EN71 Standards and the United States CPSIA Standards.

You can request for full product testing reports by contacting us at

How do I clean the play mat?
Keep your mat clean by wiping it with a soft damp cloth daily. To thoroughly clean the mat or remove any dirt, clean your mat with gentle dish detergent, water and a soft cloth. Wipe it dry or let it dry naturally and always ensure the mat is fully dried before rolling it up and storing it away to prevent any unwanted mould.

What should I avoid?
To prevent discolouration, weakening or material or damage, avoid direct contact with:
• Strong cleaning agents
• Alcohol or alkaline based products (e.g. baby sprays, certain essential oils)
• Wet wipes or baby wipes that contains fragrance stabilisers for preservation which belongs to alcohol functional groups
• Direct sunlight for prolonged periods
• Sharp objects (e.g. pet claws)
• Extreme heat (e.g. steam cleaning)
• Heavy furniture
• Permanent ink (e.g. pens, markers)
• Items that stains (e.g. coloured drinks, oil based food or liquids)

How long does it take for the mat to flatten out?
It takes some time for the mat to flatten as they have all been tightly rolled in the box. Unroll the mat in reverse direction and leave it on a flat surface for a few days to release minor creases and flatten. If there are stubborn creases, roll the mat in reverse direction, strap it with the velcro straps, leave it overnight, unroll it the next day in reverse direction and let it settle on its own.

Is it normal for discolouration to occur?
Yes it us normal due to the natural characteristics of the non-toxic TPU. Some slight fading and discolouration may occur over time with usage as the play mats are free from chemicals, with no additional plasticisers or additives such as phthalates added to them. Please refer to our Product Care Guide to find out how to maintain your mat and minimize discolouration.


Mix 'N Mats play mats are entitled to a 6-month warranty which covers manufacturing defects on the seams only. If there are any other issues with the mat, please notify us within 7 days of receiving the product. Please send a photo of the issue via email to us at to arrange for a replacement. There is no warranty for playtime products.

It does not cover the following but not limited to:
 Normal wear and tear
 Discolouration which may occur overtime due to the nature of the material
 Puncture damage such as cuts or pierces caused by use, accident and/or failure to follow Product Care Guide.

Exchange / Return
All products shipped have been carefully customised and checked before shipping. Please choose your items and check your order forms carefully as no exchange/return is allowed for hygiene purposes unless a wrong item was shipped. In the event your item is incorrect, please email us at, together with photos of the issue. 

Corporate Orders
Looking for a gift your clients, staff or event? For orders above 100 pieces, we can custom design and include your company logo. Simply drop us an email at for more information.